Confessions of a Real Estate Agent – January 2017

Posted on: 17th February 2017

Welcome to the new year and here is hoping that all those positive forecasts for 2017 regarding Dubai property and the economy are correct.

During last year, I discussed the consolidation and maturing of Dubai’s real estate market and though we still have some way to go before we can be rightfully compared to the more established markets in the West, we have certainly experienced some large forward steps, if not leaps.

More and more developers are realising that they can’t just get away with delivering spaces for people to live in and are reacting to market demand by designing and building quality homes where people will choose and aspire to live

The most important driver for a maturing market are the people involved and if Dubai’s real estate market is to continue to mature and develop, many real estate agents need to improve their processes and the manner in which they do business.

These are the most popular New Years’ Resolutions amongst Dubai Real Estate Agents in 2017,at least within my vivid and tongue-in-cheek imaginings:

  1. I will turn up on time for appointments, clean and presentable 
  2. I will only take photographs of properties for my listings using a quality camera or a professional photographer instead of my mobile phone
  3. Never forget that a million dirhams is a lot of money
  4. I will not ‘invent’ an answer to a question if I don’t know the answer. I will tell the client that I will find out and get back to them with the answer.
  5. I will not place ‘ghost’ listings on my website, in portals, or in print advertisements
  6. If we haven’t been introduced, then I won’t be calling and emailing you
  7. I will refrain from telling people what property will be worth in two years’ time - I am not a fortune-teller
  8. I will obtain all permissions from the owners before listing their properties for sale or rental
  9. I will never tell a client that the door is open - I will accompany all tenants and buyers on viewings
  10. As a male agent, I will wear socks with my suit and hairbands will not be worn

All the very best for 2017 everyone!!

Steven Leckie