FREEHOLD Property and what it means

In May 2002, the Dubai Crown Prince, General Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, issued a decree allowing non-Emirati citizens to purchase residential property within certain areas of Dubai on a freehold basis. More than 2 years later, the resulting surge in demand is showing no sign of waning.

Sheikh Mohammed’s announcement was welcomed by the many thousands of expatriate residents of Dubai and frequent overseas visitors, who had grown to love the United Arab Emirates and admire the remarkable infrastructure and opportunities offered by the dynamic city state of Dubai. Furthermore, full rights of residency were to be offered to foreign owners of homes provided by selected leading property development companies.

The Government of Dubai has ensured that high quality standards would be maintained and keen competition in the interests of buyers from the outset by granting permission to build to a carefully screened selection of highly competent and financially strong organizations. In this way, it was ensured that the expectations of new homeowners could be met or exceeded.

Many of Dubai's working residents are now choosing to buy and wish to move on from rental accommodation. If you are one of these people, you will be well aware of the attractions of switching from rental accommodation to investing in your own home. Thousands of families and individuals have been delighted by the opportunity to escape the previous necessity to rent and to see their hard-earned cash contribute towards their future prosperity.

Overseas visitors have also discovered  the quality of life available her in Dubai. Some might be seeking a comfortable and convenient base for family holidays. Others recognize the benefits of owning a home here as a potential retirement retreat but ALL of these have identified the pure investment potential of owning property in Dubai in order to earn a attractive rental income.

A world of choice with the FREEHOLD market:

Whether you are looking for a holiday or retirement home, or purely interested in an overseas re-rental investment, there are obviously many alternative locations to consider around the world but none quite so attractive as Dubai.

There are now well over 20 new residential communities in Dubai, which are completed, partly completed, or announced and on sale, in which anyone can buy a home so a massive choice of brand new and resale property to choose from. These are located throughout the city area within a radius of approximately 20 kilometres of the central business district, where Sheikh Zayed Road runs alongside Downtown Dubai district and Dubai International Financial City. On the other side you can choose the ever expanding Dubailand areas and newer Meydan Districts.

The Dubai property development sector has risen energetically to its challenge and as a Dubai home-seeker you will discover an impressive range of options from . You can live in a luxurious villa at ground level or a futuristic apartment building, which soars hundreds of metres into Dubai sky. Choose between city living, waterfront locations, desert settings, championship golf courses, an equestrian centre or even a clutch of man-made islands. Whether your tastes favour an Arabic, Spanish or New York architectural and decorative theme, you are likely to find many intriguing alternatives.

Property portfolios are a super option if you are lucky enough to have sufficient funds not to have to choose, there is nothing to prevent you from owning 2 or more Dubai properties!

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